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What Open Science?

Table 1. Five Open Science schools of thought.
School of thought Central assumption Involved groups Central Aim Tools & Methods
Democratic The access to knowledge is unequally distributed. Scientists, polititians, citizens Making knowledge freely available for everyone. Open access, intellectual property rights, Open data, Open code
Pragmatic Knowledge-creation could be more efficient if scientists worked together. Scientists Opening up the process of knowledge creation. Wisdom of the crowds, network effects, Open Data, Open Code
Infrastructure Efficient research depends on the available tools and applications. Scientists & platform providers Creating openly available platforms, tools and services for scientists. Collaboration platforms and tools
Public Science needs to be made accessible to the public. Scientists & citizens Making science accessible for citizens. Citizen Science, Science PR, Science Blogging
Measurement Scientific contributions today need alternative impact measurements. Scientists & politicians Developing an alternative metric system for scientific impact. Altmetrics, peer review, citation, impact factors

Source: Benedikt Fecher & Sascha Friesike (2013) Open Science: One Term, Five Schools of Thought

Civil society activities

Open knowledge Foundation


Digital humanities in Finland

Government activities

Open science and research -program (2014-2017)

This memo describes the background and targets of Open Science and Research Initiative (ATT), established in 2014 by the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture to incorporate open science and research to the whole research process to improve the visibility and impact of science and research in the innovation system and society at large.

Promoting open science and research

Three categories

  1. Open (access) publishing
  2. Open (research) data
  3. Open research methods

Supporting the change

  1. Research environments
  2. Tools
  3. Skills

source: Juha Haataja 19.3.2014

Questions: How we can achieve the goals in open science and research?

Guidance perspective

Finance perspective

Reform perspective

source: Juha Haataja 19.3.2014

Links to Finnish Open science actors